Horne Technologies cc. provides expert solutions and specialist equipment supply; and is experienced in motion control, fine precision mechanics, robotics, optics, specialised cameras and high speed photography.

Current key markets are: optics; precision mechanics; robotics; motion and high speed photography. Within these areas, relevant products are: standard and custom raw optics and optomechanics; specialist motion equipment (typically on a fine scale); and all aspects of high speed photography, including cameras, lighting, technical services and advice.

Key clientele for this are: the military; military manufacturers; high end military and scientific R and D groups; and high end industrial end users, focusing on automated technologies and products. Specific clients targeted are: the CSIR; NLC; Denel group; Armscor; SAAB; Reutech; Distell; etc.

Horne Technologies cc has good contacts and working relationships with key people in these organisations.

Horne Technologies, by virtue of being a small company is able to demonstrate flexibility and versatility. So if we do not currently match your requirements in terms of components, or prices, let us know and we will see what can be made possible.

We also have special arrangements for Universities and academic institutions to negotiate special deals to ensure that projects and research can go ahead. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements for your research and projects.